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My Kilobyte

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A while ago, a friend asked me something along the lines of “if you could beam a kilobyte of information straight into the minds of every person alive, what would it be?” Here’s an attempt to write my (technically kibibyte).

  • Beliefs don’t feel like beliefs. They feel like the way the world is.
  • Your worldview isn’t perfect. There are big things you’re wrong about.
  • AI risk goes much deeper than copyright and you losing your job.
  • Evolution isn’t just for animals. For example, only the most viral ideas survive - and the fact they’re popular doesn’t necessarily mean they’re right.
  • The future will be way weirder than you think.
  • No one is the victim 100% of the time.
  • You can do weird stuff to achieve your goals. You don’t always have to do the default thing.
  • It’d be very bad if the only known life in the universe suddenly disappeared.
  • Extraordinary claims should require extraordinary evidence. Ordinary claims shouldn’t.
  • Updating your beliefs isn’t a sign of weakness.
  • Lots of problems happen because everyone does the best thing given what everyone else is doing. If we all changed what we were doing at once, we’d fix the problem. But that never happens.
  • Don’t do stuff you aren’t good at or don’t enjoy. Wasted talent never helped anyone.

Published Nov 21, 2023

"But what kind of freedom does one have if one can use it only as someone else prescribes?"